What is the Got Faith Club?


Hello, this is Nathan Swanson and Andrew Yum, reporting about one of the clubs here in Rosemont, which is called Got Faith club. Got Faith club is a club run by Mrs. Riehl in room 7302. This club is meant for all students to come together to play wacky games, watch funny videos, and eat cookies.

We decided to go to the got faith club to see what they do in this club. There were about 30 students who attended this club alongside us. When we first stepped foot in the got faith club we knew we were going to have a great time. When we were entering the main classroom, they gave us some delicious treats, such as cookies, and lollipops. We sat down and waited for everyone to settle down, then Mrs. Riehl said what was planned today. She said that we were going to watch a video and play a relay race. First, we watched a video, named “What would Jesus do?” It taught us to think differently and think about what Jesus would do. The story was about eighth graders about to do something dangerous and mean, then Jesus would show up and lead them to the right decision. It was hilarious, and most people were laughing while having fun eating next to their friends. Then after the Jesus video, we played a “wacky” game, in which you had to do all of these interesting and fun tasks before the player next to you could finish.  When they said wacky, they meant it. The eighth-grade volunteers chose a few seventh graders to compete in the relay race in which they had to run to a chair, put on a scarf, then wear a wacky hat, put glasses on, get a piece of gum, chew it five times, spit it in the trash can, then run back give a high five to the person behind them, and then the person behind them had to repeat the process. It was boys versus girls, and the girls ended up winning. It was 30 minutes long, but it felt like ten minutes. Overall, we had a great time participating in the got faith club. It was nice to meet some new friends, and to get Lollipops and Cookies for free! We recommend you go there.

After we had a blast, we had to know if other students had the same experience. So we interviewed Rachel Kim, a seventh-grade student that attended the Got Faith club among us. The first question we asked  was “Why did you attend the Got Faith club?” She responded, “…I attended Got Faith club because I am a Christian, and my friend wanted me to.” Then, we asked, “What do you  do at the Got Faith club?” She answered “You’re allowed to eat your snacks, and they give you free cookies…. And you also watch funny videos and you play funny games” We finally asked, “Would you recommend it to anyone else?” She responded, “I would recommend it to anyone else because  … it is a place where you can hang out… and feel safe to eat lunch.” 

Overall we thought that this club was great and we recommend that you give it a try. We hope you have fun at the Got Faith club and this article informed you well.