From 0-6 to 5-1: Boys Basketball

This year’s boys’ basketball team did amazing, let’s look at their statistics!

     The boy’s basketball season ended on November 9 with a crazy double overtime win against the Wilson Knights to be given the title of co-champions along with the Knights. Last year the basketball team went 0-6 with coach Todd Davis and this year with a new coach Tade Keshishyan the team went 5-1. 

     Coach Tade Keshishyan was very proud of his team for working hard every day in practice and adapting to corrections and as a result, they went from 0-6 to 5-1 in wins. He hopes to come back next year and instead of being co-champions he wants to be the only champion to anyone who wants to try out next year he says to practice every day, practice hard, and try your best when tryouts come around. 

     With new head coach Tade Keshishyan and his team, they went 5-1 and we are hoping for an undefeated season next year and to be the eventual champions. This year was a close-to-perfect year for the team and if you want to help the team next year to have a perfect season then you should practice hard every day and have good luck when tryouts come around. Congratulations to the 2022 Boys’ Basketball Team.