Food Waste at RMS

Where food waste comes from.

Food waste is now a serious problem in the world. As the production or consumption of food increases, the amount of food waste has increased as well and it is affecting the environment negatively. After reading that, you might think, “But why should I consider food waste and worry about it?” Well, I have the answer. I will tell you why it matters. 

Have you ever wondered, which things create food waste? There are so many places that produce food waste in the world, but here are some major places that produce food waste. 

Big grocery stores create big amounts of food waste. This is only because they throw away all the food that expired that day, and bring in more the same day, creating a cycle. Grocery stores could possibly reduce food waste by donating food that they have left that is due on a certain date, and if they are leftover, they can donate to charities and even to churches. That way, both places- grocery stores and charities are benefited- as for grocery stores, they can reduce food waste. In addition, charities can get free food supplies.

Additionally, restaurants are another major place that produce a lot of food waste. They have to throw away food if the food is uneaten because they are legally restricted to not using ingredients that are past the expiration date or food that was touched by other people. One way they can reduce their food waste is by buying small amounts of food ingredients and using all the ingredients they have, or the same with grocery stores, giving out and donating the food instead.

Those are the two major places that produce food waste. But have you ever thought about “our” school’s food waste? Of course, schools produce food waste, the same with grocery stores and restaurants, if there are leftovers, the foods are thrown away, and people might just throw away foods that they have not finished.

The way we can reduce food waste is by buying the amount of food that we can finish. Instead of buying extra, it would help much more if we buy just the right amount of food we can actually eat. 

Now, why don’t we try to reduce the amount of food waste at school? It is just so simple and the one change you make can affect the whole school’s change for the better.