Animals Aglow

During Thanksgiving break, I went to the LA Zoo’s Animals Aglow. This is an honest review. When you drive into the zoo parking lot, it is very easy to find a parking spot. Next, the line was long and the tickets sold out VERY quickly. Before you enter you see the entrance which is lined with glowing, paper animals. Which are giraffes, and flowers. When you walk in the first thing you see is a glowing rock with condors on it. On the right, you see a frog that croaks and blinks. You walk forward and you see a small ramped path that has glowing birds in the trees.
Then you walk through their plaza then in front of you you see a hill with glowing flowers and butterflies. Then if you take the left path, you walk past glowing flowers and plants. Then when you keep walking you see a bench with flowers and plants behind it. The more you walk you see two parakeets that move and repeat what you say. Then when you walk forward you see a fork in the road, if you take the one on the right you see a chameleon that glows, opens its eyes, and shoots out its tongue. If you take the left road you see a place where there are “filters” to take photos with. If you take the right road you go up and to the right you see two jaguars on a log, glowing. Then you walk through an archway made of plants.
When you walk more you see to your right two swans making a heart with their necks. When you walk more, you see a wall with different animals like a gorilla, frogs, and meerkats. You walk more you see a tunnel that is glowing. You walk more you see a tree that has hanging fairy lights on it. The more you walk you end up at the hill with butterflies.
Now this is my “honest review”. It looked amazing, but it is not a place to bring kids under 7 because they will not understand. It is short and more of a 30-40 minute activity.