CJSF Veteran’s Day Event


Jaryn Ito

A poster featuring the opportunity to donate to operation surf.

Many citizens in the United States of America know numerous Veterans or first responders that served our country in a positive way. Since 1954, when president Dwight Eisenhower officially made Veterans Day a national holiday and on November 11, people have been showing respect to veterans on this day. CJSF or California Junior Scholarship Federation at our school has created a Veterans Day event where you can donate money to https://operationsurf.org/ . Operation Surf takes the donated money and uses it to take veterans surfing. Activities by the sea side would be very therapeutic to the veterans, who have been through a lot. The fundraising goal at Rosemont is $5,000, so help reach it to get veterans surfing. 

Seventh grade history teacher Mr. Grant has a friend named James David Barry (or Dave Barry) who served as a soldier in the army. After college he was enlisted into the army. Dave’s first deployment was a few years after the birth of his first son to Bosnia as a flight surgeon. As a major in the army, Dave was deployed to Iraq in 2003 with Task Force Ironhorse. During his deployment he identified a rare disease, leishmaniasis, helped his comrades combat it, and was awarded the bronze star for his actions. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 2007. Barry served at the busiest Combat Support Hospital and led his team to an overall trauma patient survival rate of 96.9% and an overall patient survival rate of 98.9%. He was an amazing person, but he sadly passed away in September of 2022. In honor of Dave, donate to help get veterans surfing and thank a veteran.